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The Royally Classy Armchair

Alexander Armchair | The Royally Classy Armchair

The Alexander Armchair is a brand new offering from the design brand Domkapa. The armchair with a stunning profile exudes understated sophistication. The Alexander is a fine blend of traditional and contemporary design influences that reflects in its svelte silhouette. A high backed chair, the armrests of the Alexander are slightly winged outwards and the outer frame cosily embraces the swivel seat. The slim contours of the backrest delightfully complement the comfortable seat. This plush upholstered chair features a unique support pad attached to the backrest by sleek metal panels. The pad is adjustable for height thanks to the sliding metal accents. 

Fine cross-seam stitches add to the chair’s allure. This armchair is perfectly in sync with luxe hospitality and contract projects.

Alexander Armchair | The Royally Classy Armchair
Alexander armchair by Domkapa

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