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Marino modular bench miniforms blog

The Versatile Bench

When you’re done admiring the Marino Modular Bench’s jaw-dropping gorgeous looks, you do realise its immense potential as utility furniture! This wondrous product from Miniforms

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kolos coffee table miniforms in different colors

Sit by Me!

What is a centrepiece that doubles up as a coffee table? It’s the Kolos Coffee Table! A beautiful instance of fine craftsmanship and design dynamics,

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mosaiko low table fastspa blog 2

The Ace Table!

The Mosaiko Low Table is meant to create design compositions. This uber-chic product from Fast Spa is a perfectly functional modern outdoor table that enhances

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illo coffee table miniforms blog

Coffee Please!

The Illo Coffee Table by Miniforms serves more than just coffee! It also serves as a quirky decorative piece that’s at once bold and imaginative.

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chap coffee table miniforms blog

Coffee for Two!

A coffee table that’s also the centrepiece of attraction? The Chap Coffee Table by Miniforms is exactly that! This delightfully conceived coffee table is a

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