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The Ace Table!

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The Mosaiko Low Table is meant to create design compositions. This uber-chic product from Fast Spa is a perfectly functional modern outdoor table that enhances experiences greatly. Made of painted aluminium, the Mosiako is a combination of several angular designs, that can be used in single or in composition with others. This modular feature accords the Mosaiko a heightened appeal. Available in two heights and many colours, there’s a lot one can do with the Mosaiko. Use it indoors as a display table, as a side or coffee table in the balcony or patio. When outdoors, the possibilities of this table are numerous! Long-lasting, weather friendly and contemporary, the Mosaiko allows creative imagination to soar! This low table is equally suited for contract, hospitality and residential settings.

mosaiko low edge table by fats spa
The Mosaiko Low Edge Table by Fats Spa features a sleek and minimalist design, perfect for modern interior spaces.

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