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Carter counter chair is a contemporary upholstered counter chair which is also available in bar stool dimension and is suitable for hospitality and contract projects.

A Warm Invite

The Carter Counter Chair displays a refined elegance. This counter chair has the utility of a bar stool along with a chair’s comfort. The sophisticated

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Pelleossa bar stool is a contemporary bar stool with oak and walnut with leather seat and hospitality and contract projects.

The Jazzy Bar Stool

Characterised by slender lines, the Pelleossa Bar Stool is eye-catching. A refined expression of minimalist aesthetics, the Pelleossa exudes a traditional style as well and

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pezzo stool blog

Cute n Smart!

The term two in one gets a new meaning with the Pezzo Stool by Minforms. This smart product encapsulates understated sophistication and functionality with absolute

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ferrovitos stool blog

The Go-to Stool

The Ferrovitos Stool by Miniforms is a shining example of design brilliance that elevates everyday furniture to haute solutions. A contemporary functional stool, the Ferrovitos

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