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Cute n Smart!

Pezzo Stool: Cute n Smart!|

The term two in one gets a new meaning with the Pezzo Stool by Minforms. This smart product encapsulates understated sophistication and functionality with absolute flair. Essentially a sitting stool, the Pezzo is equally functional as a small coffee or a side table. How’s that for versatility?! The Pezzo stool celebrates elemental forms of geometry with its structural fluidity and creates an enviable space for itself in contemporary environments. The Pezzo, features a circular top attached to a solid cylindrical base by a slim column. The structure is made entirely of solid or canaletto walnut and exudes an earthy charm. This stool has been chiselled to perfection to bring out the natural sheen of wood. Use the Pezzo as a handy sitting option or utilize it as a small mobile table.

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