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Welcome to Fabiia, where innovative design meets the professional world of office interiors. Our dedicated team of interior designers transforms workspaces into engaging environments that elevate productivity and leave a lasting impression. Explore our portfolio and discover the art of office interior design.

Office Service

Office Interior Design is a specialized field that focuses on creating functional and visually appealing workspaces tailored to various sectors. Our team of experienced designers excels in transforming office environments into inviting and efficient hubs of productivity. Explore the sectors where our expertise shines
office interior design done for workstation room of a corporate office.


office interior design done for office room in a home. consisting of a sleek desk and task chair and lounge chair.


office interior design done for small business office room


office interior design done for creative studio space.


office interior design done for tech startup for office workstation room.


Fabiia is a multi-faceted company that specializes infor projects worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

What is the process for working with your interior design team for an office space?
Here are the steps we follow. We’ve already included interior design. Take a look by clicking here: Interior Design Process
    • 1. Strategy Alignment
    • 2. Concept Exploration
    • 3. Visualization
    • 4. Design Coordination
    • 5. Delivery
How long does the typical office interior design project take?
Typically, standard renovations for spaces up to 10,000 square feet take around 8-14 weeks. Larger projects might extend up to 6 months, especially if structural changes are needed. However, project durations can vary based on specific needs. Please reach out to us for more precise information tailored to your project.
Do you offer sustainable design options for office spaces?
Yes, we do offer sustainable design options for office spaces. We prioritize environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, and designs that promote sustainability. Our goal is to create work environments that minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and comfort for occupants.
How do you manage changes to the design plan during an office interior design project?

During an office interior design project, we manage changes to the design plan through clear communication and a structured process:

1. Initial Design Phase: We work closely with clients to establish their vision, goals, and requirements for the office space. This includes understanding preferences for layout, colours, materials, and functionality.

2. Regular Updates: Throughout the project, we provide regular updates on the design progress and seek feedback from the client. This allows us to address any concerns or changes early on.

3. Flexibility: We understand that changes may arise during the design process due to evolving needs or unforeseen circumstances. We remain flexible and adaptable to accommodate these changes while ensuring that the project stays on track.

4. Documentation: Any changes to the design plan are documented clearly, including revisions to drawings, specifications, and timelines. This helps maintain clarity and accountability throughout the project.

5. Collaboration: We collaborate closely with architects, contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure that design changes are implemented seamlessly and efficiently.

Overall, our approach is to be proactive, communicative, and flexible in managing changes to the design plan, ultimately ensuring that the final result meets the client’s expectations and requirements.

furniture collection suitable for office, hospitality and public space interior design
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Here's How We Make Things Happen
We kick off by aligning our creative process with your workplace strategy. Through careful consideration, we listen to your requirements and gain a deep understanding of how you envision your work environment.
The next step involves delving into inspirational ideas that shape the workplace. From different types of spaces to innovative working practices, we explore concepts that enhance efficiency, transform the office ambiance, and breathe new life into your workspace.
Using hand-drawings or 3D visualizations tailored to each project, we convert your concepts into stunning visual representations. These visuals provide you with a tangible sense of what your future workspace will look like.
Moving forward, we meticulously coordinate your approved design concept with the physical makeup of the property. This includes a thorough consideration of all mechanical and electrical facets, ensuring a seamless integration into the final design.
Finally, our commitment culminates in the 100% positive delivery of your furniture. We prioritize a smooth and satisfactory experience for our customers, ensuring that the end result aligns seamlessly with your vision and expectations.
Interior design by Fabiia combines innovative and timeless aesthetics, creating spaces that effortlessly blend comfort, functionality, and style.


Fabiia elevates office interior design, turning mundane workplaces into captivating and highly productive environments.


Fabiia excels in creating captivating hospitality interior design, fashioning immersive experiences in hotels, restaurants, and resorts.

Public Spaces

Fabiia specializes in public interior design, transforming spaces for diverse settings like government organizations, educational institutions, and

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