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Hanging Chairs

The cosy indulgence of outdoor hanging chairs needs to be experienced to believe. Wish away your worries in a hanging swing chair or a hanging rattan chair. Let Fabiia’s select range of outdoor hanging chairs including hanging hammock chair and rattan swing chair be your company while you enjoy the delightful breeze!

The pleasure of outdoor hanging chairs is synonymous with childhood thrill of swings in parks. The same essence can be captured with a hanging swing chair. A delicious prospect, right? Browse around Fabiia and you’re sure to spot that hanging hammock chair after your heart!

Among others, the Evelyn chair is one hanging rattan chair that mirrors an oversized mesh basket. Suspended at a slant with chords from either side, this delightful piece epitomises rustic charm.

Outdoor hanging chairs can add breezy flair to your surroundings. Place a hanging swing chair in your patio and watch the space come alive. Accessorise with a neat outdoor table or a stand holding a couple of your favourite reads and you’re good to go! And why just sheltered outdoors? A rattan swing chair in the garden area can be so much fun! Tie up a rattan swing chair on one of the sturdy branches and swing away in gentle harmony! A hanging hammock chair is one magic mantra to blissfully lull you to sleep! That is, when you’re not catching up on your favourite read or sipping on your summer drink. Sure conjures a picture of an idyllic setting in your mind, right? Well, outdoor hanging chairs from Fabiia are right there to help you realise those dreams. The Holy Swing is one such rattan swing chair, beautifully crafted to allow slants of light filtering in through the rattan chords. The earthy touch of this hanging rattan chair makes it a welcome cocoon to settle in and experience mindful contemplation!

A hanging hammock chair helps in maintaining the ideal body posture as it provides adequate support to the pressure points. Studies have also shown that a hanging swing chair is beneficial for back pain conditions and sleeping in such a position can be a comfortable and healing experience. Just place the Renoir swing in your favourite garden corner and watch the world go by!

Fabiia’s selection of outdoor hanging chairs is made from sturdy, weather resistant materials such as rattan and alu rattan. Maintenance is hassle free and so is the experience. The classic Hanging Egg chair is a design marvel, that will draw sighs of admiration! This hanging swing chair, an original Nanna and Jorgen Ditzel design, mimics the fluidity of an egg’s shape. Available in black and natural finish, this hanging rattan chair spells style and comfort with its sleek contours. Bring home this wondrous hanging hammock chair and don’t blame us when there’s a beeline as to who in the family gets to sit there first!

Let a hanging rattan chair envelope you in its deep comfort. We’ll help you find the perfect choice for a rattan swing chair!

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