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Pendant lights

Among ceiling lights, pendant lights are beautiful beacons in the world of luminaires. These hanging lights are extensively used for task and decorative lighting and Fabiia makes sure you get your choice of ceiling light fixture or that hanging lamp from a very exhaustive, and need we mention bright collection!

Among the plethora of ceiling lights, pendant lights are some of the most beautiful illumining solutions. As a ceiling light fixture, these hanging lights add a touch of glamour to the interior spaces. Versatile in design and usability, pendant lights are used extensively for ambient as well as task lighting. A hanging lamp has the ability to attract attention to it thus becoming an art de objet in addition to being a ceiling light fixture. Interior spaces, be it residential, commercial or hospitality use pendant lights most effectively to bring out the highlights of interior designs. Fabiia’s array of ceiling lights is no less extensive, right from grounded utilitarian to delicate breezy playful pieces.

Contemporary living spaces need that touch of understated chic and pendant lights deliver that in all glory. Ceiling lights are essential pre-requisites when it comes to designing interiors. A ceiling light fixture such as the Bell pendant light or say, the Ambit pendant light is a hanging lamp with clean lines and neat finish, perfect for work environment or utility areas. As a ceiling light fixture, the Campanone pendant light will find few rivals. A dome shaped body and quiet presence makes it a coveted acquisition for interiors.

Hanging lights are great ways to bring out the decor of living spaces. Ceiling lights such as the Bau pendant light are sophisticated creations of modern design. Light infused wood circles come together to throw fascinating shadows of allure all around. This ceiling light fixture is a conversation piece, make no mistake!

Hanging lights from Fabiia come in a range of diverse materials and coordinating colours to lift up your decor and light up your mood! The added promise of long lasting LED makes them irresistible pieces. Just bring home the Bolla pendant light and revel in those sighs of admiration! This hanging lamp has a unique design with the light source enclosed in a glass sphere. Futuristic appeal, don’t you feel?

A ceiling light fixture is an extremely popular way to light up homes. A tastefully placed hanging lamp in the bedroom can heighten the intimacy of the space manifold. Glass pendant lights are definitely the way to create magic in interior spaces. The play of light and alluring shadows all around can undoubtedly transform even staid interiors. Own the Calabash or the Burj pendant light and bathe in ornate luxury! Yes, that’s right, a marvellous blend of radiant sophistication and modern aesthetics define the myriad hanging lights that Fabiia has handpicked for you!

A hanging lamp is a ceiling light fixture that wonderfully blends functionality with style. Pendant lights from Fabiia are crafted to resemble elements from nature and are delightful to behold. Go on, bring ‘em home!

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