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Coffee & Side Tables

Coffee tables have long been an intrinsic part of urban living rooms so much so that animated exchange of ideas and thoughts across intimate spaces have been christened as ‘coffee table conversations’! No wonder then that a round coffee table is a staple in living rooms around which all the action happens! So, choosing a perfect piece becomes a serious affair. Not any longer! Fabiia, in collaboration with acclaimed designers, brings for you an eclectic collection of coffee tables, be it a glass coffee table or a black coffee table or even those quaint small coffee tables, it’s all available in Fabiia. A white coffee table, you say? We have that too!

Modern living room settings are incomplete with that ubiquitous round coffee table. Given its utility and stylish appeal, the Tablo black coffee table by Normann Copenhagen effortlessly occupies centre stage, literally and figuratively! The tray like plastic top perched on three legs, is delight to own! Tablo also comes as a white coffee table along with other variations. Groove by Vincent Sheppard is another round coffee table that spells understated elegance. Choose from the options of marble or solid oak tops, in accordance with existing decor.

Interior spaces have taken to coffee tables like fish to water. In addition to functionality, small coffee tables work as statement pieces as well. The Tony glass coffee table By Sika Design is delightful to look at, given its skillfully woven rattan base. You’ll love the cute additional space beneath this glass coffee table top. The Vitoria is an antique all weather glass coffee table, suitable for all spaces. The alu rattan and art fibre combination makes it garden friendly too. And we’re sure you’ll simply adore the wicker and aluminium base of the Ivo black coffee table. The Vivi rattan coffee table appeals with its natural charm.

Conversations happen around cute, small coffee tables but what if the tables themselves become conversation generators?! The Illo round coffee table is definitely one such piece! Resembling upturned goblets, these quirky small coffee tables arrest attention with their feminine form. Choose from available sizes and colours. Yes, you can have that lacquered white coffee table too! Fabiia’s repertoire enthrals not only with variety but also with the exacting promise of quality and customised options offered on many of the available items.

Small coffee tables like the Little Friend by Fritz Hansen have the customised option of a variety of table tops.

As a centre piece, say, a black coffee table does much more than being just furniture. The Rozy black coffee table is a statement by itself but it can very well display your prized artefacts. The sleek design adds to the wow factor! The Alexander coffee table, with its rustic charm of teak, is reminiscent of redolent evenings of spring! The set geometric structure of the TNP, on the other hand, brings orderliness with its sturdy form. Use it as a white coffee table to offset the surrounding decor of the room.

Coffee tables from Fabiia add character to your living spaces! So have you ordered that serene white coffee table yet?!

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