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Please click here to view/download our
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Storage Furniture

When it comes to designing interiors, storage furniture occupies a pivotal position. Items like cabinet storage, trolley table or locker storage are fundamental to any interior space. The right storage furniture can bring a sense of order and neatness to living areas and office places. For smart storage solutions, do browse the collection at Fabiia and choose your desired furniture pieces.

A lot of thought goes into designing and doing up living rooms, bedrooms and yes, even work areas of homes. For a de-cluttered, tidy look storage furniture is an essential aspect. Cabinet storage makes lives wonderfully easier by taking care of clothes, shoes, bags and many other items. Take a look at the Lyra cabinet from Fabiia, don’t you just love the clean minimalistic look of this cabinet storage?! It can gel with any type of decor with being obtrusive. Yet, this cabinet storage suite stands out in elegance. Storage solutions like this one come in four varying sizes to choose from too! And what can we say about the Nizwa cabinet? A piece-de-resistance by itself, this cabinet storage is inspired by Omani architecture. Gold brass accents on stained maple make it an alluring addition to your range of storage solutions. The Rigel cabinet is a sleek aluminium piece in simplistic white and also grey sheen. This cabinet storage comes with lock provisions as well. It’s bound to come in handy when you need locker storage for your stuff.

A prime driver when looking out for storage furniture are safety concerns. Proper storage solutions are not just to keep assets safe from burglary or theft, but also to shelter them from dust, mildew and sundry other irritants. Keeping your valuables and other possessions in the safety of locker storage is by far a prudent decision. For a locker storage that more than meets your requirement, try the Navi locker storage. Far from being a staid furniture piece, this locker storage will convince you to place one in office, work area and homes too! Available in six bright pop colours, this locker storage can be customised to use one or more colours. Quite a fun mix & match project, right?

Storage solutions are incomplete without a trolley table. Ubiquitous and versatile, a trolley table is an essential furniture piece that can hold myriad everyday items besides your tea or coffee of course. The Come As You Are trolley table is a truly jazzy contemporary piece while the Block trolley table is a smart functional one. Both these versions of trolley table come fitted with wheels for easy mobility.

How can storage furniture be complete without mentioning the bookcase? Bring home the One Step Up bookcase, offered in high and low versions, and showcase your books and periodicals in style!

The Reflect sideboard is again a brilliant example of cabinet storage. Its unique handle-less drawer feature is indeed a futuristic design marvel.

Storage furniture from Fabiia is smart, functional and decidedly useful. Find your necessary storage solutions right here!

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