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Please click here to view/download our
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For a furniture piece referencing back to the Ottoman empire, the ottoman has to be royal in bearing. Well, the ottoman orpouffe has firmly ensconced itself in living spaces owing to its sheer comfort factor but the repertoire in Fabiia’s selection of ottomans can give the royalty a complex! This backless upholstered seat, traditionally used to provide rest to tired feat, has reinvented itself as a storage ottoman, large pouffe and a storage pouffe. Fabiia presents an impressive range from famed design houses including the velvet ottoman, grey ottoman and storage pouffe that can fulfil your need for a furniture addition or even as a stand-alone seating option.

Investing in an ottoman has multiple benefits. It can add acertain flair to your living room and what better way to relax than having the luxury to put your feet up on a velvet grey ottoman?! The Circus pouffe from Norman Copenhagen is an ultimate expression of luxurious comfort. Eight intersectional pieces come together to give stately elegance to this storage pouffe. For its sheer mobility, this storage ottoman makes for an ideal seating option. Just drag it to the balcony for a spot of fresh air. Available in rich colours, this velvet ottoman also comes in a smaller size.

A storage ottoman is desirable for its twin function of seating and storing space. Use a storage pouffe to put away sundry objects inside; put on the cover and voila, you have a great seat! The Dimple Pouf, an in-house design from Fabiia, is charming velvet ottoman with cute button details. The choice of upholstery in cotton velvet is made available in myriad colours. The Corolla large pouffe spells the last word in spacious comfort. This circular pouffe can add a new dimension to any living decor. Used as a grey ottoman, it can define understated elegance whereas a more pronounced upholstery colour can heighten the effect. This large pouffe is undoubtedly a smart acquisition to any living space.

A large pouffe or a velvet ottoman is a multipurpose furniture item that’s intimate in appeal. When used as a storage ottoman or a storage pouffe, it can alleviate your storage woes by providing space within its hollowed-out depths. Put on the seat and you have a smart seating arrangement that’s inviting as well. Take look at the Tilly pouf and we’re certain you’ll instantly admire its functional structure. The moulded geometric shape of this velvet ottoman can make it fit any corner with aplomb. Choose from many available colours and transform it into a smart grey ottoman or a storage pouffe with a complementing colour. The Ottoman Rattan by Sika Design overwhelmswith its sheer tapestry of form. The rotund structure of bended rattan is a smart take on the traditional ottoman and thrills with its natural appearance. Pull along this durable large pouffe in the open spaces and revel in the freshness.

Bring home a storage ottoman from Fabiia, customised to suit your taste,and thank us later!

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