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It is said accessories define the oeuvre of style. When it comes to modern living room accessories, it is a way to exhibit a distinctive stamp of individual aesthetics. Designer furniture accessories and luxury living room accessories are an intrinsic part of decor and give it a well-rounded completeness. If you’re looking for country living room accessories that redefine your sense of style, Fabiia has a select range to choose from which includes Danish design accessories as well.

While furniture fulfils the functional criteria of a living space, luxury living room accessories accentuate the character of the entire decor and heighten the style quotient. Fabiia has handpicked modern living room accessories that can rightly fit in with any designer furniture ensemble. Country living room accessories can elevate the entire look of the existing decor without overwhelming with their presence. Be it a side table or a designer planter, those little additions are sure to add beauty and class to your interiors. And if it’s danish design accessories we‘re talking about, the level definitely goes up a notch!

The best part about modern living room accessories is their ability to fit in any place. Luxury living room accessories can be placed in any corner or alcove according to individual needs. Again, country living room accessories can be used for multiple utilities. The Carlo Bar trolley by Sika Design from Fabiia falls in one such category. Withan exclusive imprint that defines Danish design accessories, this trolley is a multipurpose piece. This bar trolley sports handmade bindings over a frame of woven rattan. This twin tiered movable table, with cute glass / bottle holders placed at the sides, is everything that country living room accessories are known for. Use it as a bar trolley or even to display your artefacts. Designer furniture accessories never got better! The neutral colour of rattan helps it blend in with any existing decor. Danish design accessories are defined by their workmanship and this trolley is one such fine example.

Speaking of modern living room accessories, enough can’t be said about decorative plants. An intrinsic part of the urban living room landscape, indoor plants bring serenity and solace to interiors while livening things up with their verdant hues. An unmissable part of country living room accessories are planters and The Viv rattan plant stand is a classic specimen. This elegant rattan plant holder, with its sleek metal frame, can brighten any corner of your home. The delicate weave of the plant holder is what defines the Danish design accessories. Bring this home to breathe fresh life into your surroundings.

Designer furniture accessories not only complement your interiors, they play a great role in highlighting your individual taste. The Cigales floor plant stand by Miniforms spells the last word in luxury living room accessories. The quirky unevenness of the stand delightfully offsets the calmness of the plants they hold. There’s also a fun option for wall mounting.

Designer furniture accessories from Fabiia will bring a touch of class to your interiors, we’re telling you!

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