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Experience a seamless transition from concept to reality with our comprehensive Design and Build services for office fit-outs. From conceptualization to execution, our team handles every aspect, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workspace tailored to your needs. Discover the difference a professional Design & Build approach can make for your office transformation.
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Design & Build

Transform your office space into a beacon of innovation and functionality with our integrated Design & Build solutions. Our expert team merges creativity with practicality, crafting bespoke environments that inspire productivity and collaboration. With a focus on efficiency and quality, we oversee every stage of the process, from initial design concepts to final construction. Elevate your workplace with our Design & Build services - contact us today to discuss your vision and turn it into reality.



Let's start by blending our creativity with your workplace plan. We'll listen closely to understand how you imagine your ideal workspace.


Next, we explore inspiring ideas to shape your workplace: diverse spaces and innovative practices boost efficiency and transform the office ambiance.


We craft hand-drawn or 3D visuals tailored to your project, giving you a sneak peek of your future workspace's look and feel with precision.


We carefully coordinate your approved design with the property's layout, ensuring everything fits perfectly. From mechanics to aesthetics, it all comes together smoothly!


We deliver your furniture with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Your vision is our priority, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience.

Frequently asked questions
What is a design and build office fit-out?

A design and build office fit-out is a comprehensive approach to office renovation or construction where a single entity, typically a design-build firm, is responsible for both the design and construction phases of the project. This integrated approach streamlines the process by having one team handle all aspects, from initial concept and planning to final execution. It allows for better coordination, and faster project delivery, and often results in cost savings compared to traditional methods where the design and construction phases are handled by separate entities.

What are the benefits of the design-build method?

The design-build approach offers time and cost savings, fosters innovation and collaboration, and results in better projects overall.

What's the difference between a design and build and a traditional fit-out process?
Aspect Design and Build Traditional Fit-Out
Responsibility The single entity responsible for design & build Design and construction by separate entities
Communication Efficient, one team handles both phases Potential for communication challenges between separate teams
Project Timeline Concurrent phases, often faster delivery Sequential phases, potentially longer duration
Collaboration Close collaboration from the outset Collaboration may vary, depending on the coordination
Flexibility Adaptable to changes due to an integrated approach Limited flexibility, changes may require adjustments
Cost Streamlined processes may lead to cost savings Potential for increased costs due to coordination issues
What services are typically included in a design and build package?

In a design and build package, various services are typically bundled together to provide a comprehensive solution for clients. These services may include:

  1. Initial Consultation: Understanding the client’s needs, goals, and budget constraints.
  2. Architectural Design: Developing conceptual and detailed designs for the project, including floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings.
  3. Engineering Services: Structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design to ensure the building meets safety and regulatory standards.
  4. Permitting and Approvals: Assisting with obtaining necessary permits and approvals from local authorities.
  5. Construction Management: Overseeing the construction process, including scheduling, budgeting, subcontractor management, and quality control.
  6. Procurement: Sourcing and purchasing materials, equipment, and furnishings required for the project.
  7. Site Preparation: Clearing, grading, and preparing the construction site for building activities.
  8. Construction Work: Executing the actual building work, including foundation, framing, roofing, interior finishing, and landscaping.
  9. Interior Design: Planning and designing interior spaces, selecting finishes, furnishings, and decorative elements.
  10. Testing and Commissioning: Conducting tests and inspections to ensure that all systems and components are installed and functioning correctly.
  11. Handover and Closeout: Completing final inspections, preparing as-built documentation, and handing over the completed project to the client.
  12. Warranty and Support: Providing warranty coverage and ongoing support for any issues that arise after project completion.

By offering a comprehensive package of design and construction services, design and build firms aim to streamline the project delivery process and provide clients with a single point of contact for all their project needs. This approach often leads to greater efficiency, cost savings, and faster project completion times compared to traditional design-bid-build methods.

What is the typical timeline for a design and build project?

The timeline for a design and build project can vary significantly depending on the scope, complexity, and specific requirements of the project. However, here’s a typical timeline broken down into key stages:

  1. Pre-Design Phase (1-2 months):
    • Project initiation and feasibility studies.
    • Site analysis and assessment of client needs.
    • Initial budgeting and timeline establishment.
  2. Design Phase (2-4 months):
    • Conceptual design development.
    • Design refinement based on client feedback.
    • Preparation of detailed drawings and specifications.
    • Approval processes and obtaining necessary permits.
  3. Pre-Construction Phase (1-2 months):
    • Selection of contractors and subcontractors.
    • Finalizing contracts and agreements.
    • Procurement of materials and equipment.
  4. Construction Phase (4-12 months or more):
    • Site preparation and mobilization.
    • Actual construction work including structural, mechanical, and electrical components.
    • Regular progress monitoring, quality control, and safety inspections.
    • Any necessary adjustments or modifications based on unforeseen issues.
  5. Post-Construction Phase (1-2 months):
    • Final inspections and testing.
    • Completion of any remaining tasks such as landscaping or interior finishing.
    • Handover of the project to the client.
    • Addressing any warranty issues or post-construction support needs.

Overall, the total duration of a design and build project typically ranges from 8 months to 2 years or more, depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as external factors such as regulatory approvals and unforeseen delays. It’s important for project stakeholders to communicate effectively and collaborate closely throughout each stage to ensure the project stays on schedule and within budget.

What should I look for when selecting a design and build company?

The design phase typically lasts between 3 to 8 months, varying based on the project’s size and complexity. Once construction begins, you’ll witness the transition from plans to actuality. Your design and build contractor will manage the worksite and monitor progress throughout the process.

What are the benefits of using a design-and-build approach for my office fit-out?
  • Simplified process: One point of contact for design & construction.
  • Faster completion: Overlapping design & construction phases.
  • Clear budget: Early, accurate cost estimates.
  • Improved management: Single source of responsibility.
  • Increased innovation: Collaborative design & construction teams.
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