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Elevate your workspace to new heights with a Cat B fit-out, designed to enhance functionality and aesthetics. From customizable partitions to innovative lighting solutions, our specialized services cater to your office's unique requirements. Get in touch with our team to embark on a journey of transformation for your workplace.
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Unlock the full potential of your office environment with a Category B fit-out, tailored to optimize productivity and ambiance. Our comprehensive solutions encompass bespoke partitions, advanced HVAC systems, ergonomic furniture, and more. With a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, we deliver exceptional results that align with your vision. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your office space to the next level.



Let's start by blending our creativity with your workplace plan. We'll listen closely to understand how you imagine your ideal workspace.


Next, we explore inspiring ideas to shape your workplace: diverse spaces and innovative practices boost efficiency and transform the office ambiance.


We craft hand-drawn or 3D visuals tailored to your project, giving you a sneak peek of your future workspace's look and feel with precision.


We carefully coordinate your approved design with the property's layout, ensuring everything fits perfectly. From mechanics to aesthetics, it all comes together smoothly!


We deliver your furniture with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Your vision is our priority, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Cat B fitout?

A Cat B fit-out, also known as Category B fit-out, refers to the customization or tenant-specific fit-out of an office space within a commercial building. Unlike Cat A fit-out, which provides the basic infrastructure and services, Cat B fit-out involves the design and installation of partition walls, meeting rooms, breakout areas, kitchenettes, reception areas, furniture, branding elements, and any other features or finishes required to make the space fully functional and tailored to the tenant’s requirements. Essentially, Cat B fit-out transforms the basic Cat A space into a fully operational and personalized office environment according to the tenant’s needs and preferences.

What services are included in a Cat B fitout?

In a Cat B fit-out, services typically include design consultation, space planning, interior design, partitioning, electrical and lighting installation, HVAC integration, flooring selection, furniture procurement and installation, branding and signage, audiovisual integration, and project management.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Cat B fitout?

To prepare for a Cat B fit-out, consider the following steps:

1. Define Requirements: Clearly outline your space requirements, including the number of workstations, meeting rooms, breakout areas, and amenities needed.

2. Set Budget: Determine your budget for the fit-out project, considering both construction costs and furniture procurement expenses.

3. Choose a Design Team: Select an experienced design team or interior designer to assist with space planning, interior design, and furniture selection.

4. Obtain Approvals: Obtain necessary approvals from building management or landlords for any proposed changes to the space.

5. Select Finishes: Choose finishes such as flooring, wall paint, and ceiling tiles to reflect your brand identity and desired aesthetic.

6. Plan IT Infrastructure: Consider IT infrastructure requirements such as data cabling, networking, and audiovisual systems integration.

7. Coordinate Logistics: Coordinate logistics for furniture delivery and installation, as well as any temporary relocation of staff during construction.

8. Communicate with Stakeholders: Keep employees and stakeholders informed about the fit-out process, timelines, and any disruptions to regular operations.

9. Monitor Progress: Regularly monitor progress during the fit-out process and address any issues or changes as needed.

What are the different types of office layouts I can choose from for my Cat B fit out?

For your Cat B fit-out, you can choose from various office layouts:

1. Open Plan: Large, open workspace promotes collaboration.

2. Cubicle: Individual workstations offer some privacy.

3. Private Offices: Enclosed offices provide maximum privacy.

4. Combination: Mix of open plan, cubicles, and private offices.

5. Team-based: Groups work in shared spaces for collaboration.

6. Hot Desking: Shared workstations used on rotation.

7. Activity-Based: Different areas for specific tasks or activities.

Consider your organization’s culture, communication needs, and workflow preferences when selecting a layout.

What are the different types of fire safety considerations I need to address in a Cat B fitout project in the UK?

In a Cat B fit-out project in the UK, key fire safety considerations include installing fire detection and alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, and firefighting equipment. Additionally, ensuring unobstructed escape routes, fire-resistant materials, fire doors, adequate means of escape, fire safety signage, conducting fire risk assessments, and providing fire safety training are essential measures for compliance and occupant safety.

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