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Explore the fundamental elements of Cat A fit out to ensure your office operates smoothly. From flooring to electrical infrastructure, our comprehensive services have you covered. Click below to get in touch and discuss your project with our team.
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Ensure your office is fully functional with a Category A fit out, covering the essential features like flooring, ceilings, electrical infrastructure, and more. When considering office fit out options, trust our team of experienced contractors in London. We specialize in commercial office fit outs, offering comprehensive services to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive expert guidance on office fit out costs and services.



Let's start by blending our creativity with your workplace plan. We'll listen closely to understand how you imagine your ideal workspace.


Next, we explore inspiring ideas to shape your workplace: diverse spaces and innovative practices boost efficiency and transform the office ambiance.


We craft hand-drawn or 3D visuals tailored to your project, giving you a sneak peek of your future workspace's look and feel with precision.


We carefully coordinate your approved design with the property's layout, ensuring everything fits perfectly. From mechanics to aesthetics, it all comes together smoothly!


We deliver your furniture with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Your vision is our priority, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Cat A and Cat B's fit-out office?

1. Cat A (Category A) Fit-Out:

– Cat A fit-out refers to the basic level of finish provided by a landlord in a commercial office building.

– It typically includes the installation of raised floors, suspended ceilings, mechanical and electrical services (such as lighting, HVAC, and power outlets), basic fire detection and protection systems, and sometimes basic finishes such as wall paint.

– The purpose of a Cat A fit-out is to provide a blank canvas or shell for tenants to customize and fit out according to their specific needs and preferences.

2. Cat B (Category B) Fit-Out:

– Cat B fit-out refers to the customization or tenant-specific fit-out of an office space.

– It includes the design and installation of partition walls, meeting rooms, breakout areas, kitchenettes, reception areas, furniture, branding elements, and any other features or finishes required to make the space fully functional and tailored to the tenant’s requirements.

– Cat B fit-outs are often carried out by the tenant or their appointed contractor, and they transform the basic Cat A space into a fully operational and personalized office environment.

What is Category A office fit out space?

Category A (Cat A) office fit-out denotes the fundamental completion of an interior area typically ordered by landlords. While it includes installing mechanical and electrical systems, a Cat A office layout typically presents as a blank canvas.

What is a Category A office specification?

Standard Category A features encompass flooring, wall coverings, suspended ceilings, electrical distribution, power sockets, elevators, restroom facilities, fire detection systems, and similar components. Cat A fit-outs render the space operational but lack the supplementary design elements essential for a purpose-fit workspace.

What are the classifications of office fit-out?

Office fit-outs are categorized into four classifications, representing distinct stages of office space completion and customization: CAT A, CAT B, Design & Build, Refurbishment, And Office Re-engineering.

What is Design & Build?

Design and build (sometimes called D&B) is a straightforward way to handle a project. It means one team works together from the start to the end, talking openly and working closely to finish an interior project.

The idea behind design and build is that when project owners, designers, builders, engineers, and estimators work together, they come up with the best ideas. This approach helps find creative solutions, saves money, reduces risk, and ensures things get done on time.

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