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When it comes to decor, the outdoors is as relevant as the interiors of any space. Garden furniture has seen much innovation over the years, given their importance in the design scheme of things. At Fabiia, the credo is always to be in step with the times. This zest in reflected in the smart collection of outdoor bar furniture including a variety of furniture pieces like outdoor bar set and patio bar stools. Do browse through the range of outdoor bar stools; we’re sure you’ll find just the one you need to enjoy the fresh air!

Garden furniture occupies an important place in the overall garden layout. Tasteful outdoor bar furniture is not only utilitarian, it also enhances the look of the outdoors to a great extent. An outdoor bar set complete with outdoor bar stools can heighten the allure of your outdoor spaces. Fabiia is ready to add that special touch to your gardens with a smart selection of garden furniture including patio bar stools and others.

Outdoor bar stools are versatile pieces of furniture. They look welcoming and fit in without appearing stuffy. The Forest set of patio bar stools from Fabiia is innovation at its best given the iconic branched out design of a bare forest. A comfortable seat perched on long legs invites you to seat yourself! Take your pick from eight arresting colours. The Niwa bar stool is a vision in contemporary edgy design. This set of outdoor bar stools stylishly plays on negative spaces and has a comfy recline. The long legs and multiple colours ensure that the Niwa fits your outdoor bar set perfectly.

Among others, outdoor bar furniture brings out the essence of the open in many ways. While they can be placed in sheltered areas such as patios or open spaces like lawns, garden furniture is also a reflection of your design sense. Patio bar stools like The Rion, with their svelte style, beautifully fit in to your existing decor. A different coloured footrest attached to its long legs is a thoughtful addition. If you’re looking to bring some old world charm to your garden furniture, Roget stool is just the thing for you! Crafted out of reclaimed teak wood, this sturdy set of patio bar stools can recreate the rustic feel wonderfully.

Fabiia immensely values quality craftsmanship and it reflects in each of the selected furniture pieces. A look at the set of Simone outdoor bar stools will corroborate that. Fashioned out of rattan and coming in three height variants, these patio bar stools are a delight to behold. What’s more, the speckled accents of the seats prettily offset the natural rattan colour. An outdoor bar set is incomplete without a footstool and items like Monet footstool in alu-rattan or the Chantal fulfils the demand perfectly. And you’ll love to own the Ottoman to complete your set of garden furniture!

Outdoor bar furniture from Fabiia comes with the promise of quality. So have you got your outdoor bar stools yet?!

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