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Please click here to view/download our
Contract outdoor furniture catalogue

Outdoor Sofas

Moments spent outside amidst nature are a great way to give a fillip to your energy levels and get raring for the day. An outdoor sofa is the perfect companion for those precious introspective moments. Sure, a sofa set is primarily meant for indoor living spaces but who says your outdoor settings can’t look as good?! Fabiia has the right answers for the sofa design you have in mind to dress up your garden areas. Be it a corner sofa or a modular sofa, we’ve got you covered!

A garden or outdoor sofa offers you the luxury of comfort of the indoors, with the additional goodness of fresh air! A tempting proposition indeed! An outdoor sofa for your garden or lawn is a great idea because who can resist the welcome feel of a sofa set to sink into after some invigorating activity? Fabiia’s carefully chosen range offers a host of modular sofa sets with the kind of sofa design that‘s bound to catch your fancy. Isabella bench is one such piece with a classic country sofa design. This wonderful woven creation in rattan comes in two colours. Use it as a corner sofa or pair it with a complementing table for a perfect match.

Braving the outdoor elements becomes a concern when choosing an outdoor sofa. Fabiia bears this mind and has come up with your kind of sofa that lives up to your expectation. Contemporary pieces in both rattan and a specialized material called alu rattan that is fashioned to look like wicker with the durability factor counted for, are there for you to choose from. The Belladonna sofa is just what you may need!! Elegantly crafted to ensconce you in its intimate depths, this alu rattan sofa set can work well as a corner sofa. One of the smart innovations in sofa design is the modular sofa. Armed with adaptable features, a modular sofa can be adjusted to fit a given space. Thus a three seater sofa set can be remodelled as a two plus one modular sofa with a bent. Great stuff, wouldn’t you agree, especially when you need to place it in a cosy section of a garden as a corner sofa.

Durability is a prime driver when selecting an outdoor sofa. Our array of furniture in die cast aluminium will set your worries to rest when you pick this kind of sofa set. The Classique sofa is one such item which comes in two and three seater versions. The sofa design is simple yet classic and comes with the added comfort of seat cushions. The Oasi bench sofa set is styled along clean minimalistic lines and can definitely enhance your garden experience by its mere presence!

An outdoor sofa or a modular sofa can have value addition with your personal touch. Just throw around some decorative cushions and you’re good to go! Create your own cosy alcove by placing a loveseat as a corner sofa.

Fabiia gives you the promise of quality craftsmanship and committed service. Do engage with us!

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