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Please click here to view/download our
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Outdoor Chairs

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy,' so crooned singer John Denver and it reverberates so well with the outdoors! Mention of open spaces invariably brings to mind outdoor chairs, lawn chairs and many others. Let Fabiia's wholesome collection of outdoor chairs including patio chairs, garden chairs and deck chairs be company in your quest for the natural charm of the outdoors.

Communion with nature is best experienced outdoors. Outdoor chairs and garden chairs just help reinvent that connection. Modern architecture is going the whole hog in incorporating the relevance of outdoors in construction, be it housing or hospitality spaces. Outdoor chairs and patio chairs help to enjoy the spirit of outdoors, and huge demand for lawn chairs, garden chairs and deck chairs reinforce that. At Fabiia, we are completely in sync with your needs and have specially brought together a curated selection that reflects a wonderful blend of the modern and the classic.

Outdoor chairs bring out the special characteristics of the balcony or verandah. Artfully placed patio chairs or lawn chairs do much more than help you relax and enjoy nature. They are art pieces by themselves. Take the Emma chair from Fabiia for instance. This wide backed creation has an aluminium base with synthetic fibres wrapped around. Sturdy outdoor chairs like this can be used as patio chairs for relaxing in the fresh air outside. The Isabella chair makes use of rattan that’s woven to give a pretty speckled look. Dawn chair, with its impressive wicker structure can withstand outdoor conditions and are great as lawn or garden chairs. Intricate design of the Athene chair variety make them good showpieces as patio chairs.

Fabiia's array of garden chairs, deck chairs and others come in a range of materials and colours that make outdoor living spaces attractive extensions of your interiors. Garden chairs and lawn chairs are perfect for hosting and must haves while organising garden lunches or parties. Forest chair is a beautiful contemporary piece that will surely enhance experiences when used as lawn chairs or even patio chairs. These outdoor chairs come in arresting colours giving you the choice of colour coordination to complement your style. Of course, the additional promises of excellent quality and after service from Fabiia are hard to refuse incentives.

Lawn chairs are prerequisites for backyards and gardens. The rustic appeal of rattan in Margaret or Monique chairs wonderfully offsets the verdant hues of nature. Deck chairs are great for whiling away in solitude. Read a book or sunbathe in leisure with the stylish Pulp cantilever chair in a single piece design. Its polypropylene material is easy to maintain as well. The Niwa chair is a classy example of minimalist design. Skilful use of negative space turns it into an art piece, perfect for your needs of deck chairs or patio chairs.

Fabiia strives to bring the best for customers and their needs. So brighten your outdoor spaces with outdoor chairs and garden chairs from our range. Do make sure to pick those pretty lawn chairs!

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