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Wall lights

To add an element of class and distinction to interior spaces wall lights are the best choice. Besides illumining, wall lamps, such as a sconce light, add character to the surroundings they adorn. An exquisite collection of wall sconces and wall lights await your presence at Fabiia, for your to own a wall light fixture after your heart’s desire!

Wall lights have come a long way, from traditional wall mounted lights solely used for utility to modern elegant applications that are decorative and classy as well. Wall sconces for instance delightfully create a special aura with evocative play of light and shade. Even for practical purposes a wall light fixture is the perfect lighting solution for your living spaces. With Fabiia’s eclectic range of wall lamps you simply can’t go wrong in finding that perfect sconce light for your walls!

The versatile designs of wall lights available make them adaptable to diverse interiors. Try the Aruna wall lamp from Fabiia. A tribute to the sunrise scene at Wat Arun temple in Thailand, this sconce light beautifully reflects off the shimmering gold shell body. A true masterpiece! The Atomic wall light fixture, with its branched out retro design, throws light in beautiful disarray. Wall sconces dramatically enhance the ambience of the room with light bouncing off the walls. The Hanna sconce light is a charming example of retro chic. And installing the Harem will take you back to Arabian Nights, with tiny flickers of light escaping from its finely carved out body.

Wall lamps have an array of features with some having options for oblique or directional light. These wall lights are ideal for accent or diffused lighting and can be installed in hallways or corridors even.

An artfully placed sconce light can dictate the mood and setting of a living room to perfection. The Burj wall light fixture is a stylised tribute to the architectural marvel of the Burj Al Arab. Caravaggio wall lamp will make reading a pleasure because of its unobtrusive clean lines and adjustable light direction. And if you are the kind that revels in a party atmosphere, try the Chloe wall lamp. This contemporary sconce light is a vision of metallic ribbons in chaotic delight. Surely a conversation piece! Place a couple of Cybo wall lamps and watch speckles of light escape from its perforated gold cylindrical body.

Modern wall lights are much more than light fixtures. Wall sconces exhibit versatility of design and technology. The Mutatio wall light fixture has a transformable body to increase the ambit of light display. The Pastorius sconce light with its retractable arm feature is great thing to own and display! And you’ll simply love the Dejavu wall light fixture. This sconce light, with its minimalistic look and rotating light source is tailor made for your needs. Wall lamps from Fabiia will not only mesmerise you with their stylised designs but will definitely please you with their impeccable performance.

About time to bathe in the reflection of that sconce light, what say?!