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Table lamps

For long as one can remember, table lamps have widely been in use. Be it the work environment, residential or hospitality spaces table lamps in various avatars like desk lamp, touch lamp, night lamp and the ubiquitous study lamp have been in vogue. With Fabiia’s wide range of bedside table lamps as also others, you’re all set to add that special glow to your homes.

Among illumining essentials, bedside table lamps hold their pride of place. The focussed light of a desk lamp or a study lamp is a must for getting stuff done in office spaces, work station or study. And of course, the night lamp is a constant among all variables. Fabiia’s eclectic selection of bedside table lamps stride the entire space, from practical , utilitarian to stylish, statement pieces. While the desk lamp has been a regular feature in households and hotels alike, a touch lamp has seen a spurt in the number of admirers across spectrums. A desk lamp can add a touch of warmth into your living spaces, lighting up corners or even highlighting an art work or showpiece. It is also an art object by itself like the Amik desk lamp from Fabiia, a serene vision in fibreglass and brass. Or take the Apache table lamp for instance. Inspired by rugged mountains, it co-opts the look with a stacked base of marble and walnut on brass. Bedside table lamps can bring a feel of cosiness into a room and create the desired ambience. The modern versions of bedside table lamps have a host of features including adjustment of light angle and colour temperatures.

The night lamp is as much a necessity as a luxury. From functional to intimate, a night lamp can serve a variety of requirements. Anemone table lamp is one desk lamp whose pretty design and smart shade will have you wishing for it. Bedside table lamps enhance the look of any space they adorn and are sure winners as decorative items too. Why invest in an art piece when you can have a night lamp such as Electra table lamp that doubles up as one?!

When selecting a study lamp, an area of concern is whether it would look staid and boring. Not anymore! With Fabiia you can pick your choice of study lamp such as the Diana or the Cap table lamp. Wood table lamp is the study lamp that eases your work pressure when you’re engaged in some intense brain storming activity. Advent of the touch lamp that functions no less magically than a genie is a blessing indeed! A touch sensor allows you to light up a touch lamp with a gesture. How cool is that?!

Fabiia’s table lamps come in a variety of materials and a range of colours and finishes. A veritable plethora of designs from Scandinavian to classic, minimalistic to modern, a touch lamp or a desk lamp, you can find them all here!

Brighten up your homes with table lamps from Fabiia and let the glow envelop you!