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Interiors can truly come alive with effective use of modern floor lamps. For functional as well as accent lighting living room lamps are epitomes of stylish illumining solutions. What better than doing up your living spaces with smart floor lights from Fabiia’s collection, be it a standing lamp or an attractive designer floor lamp that can wonderfully light up your rooms?!

Among lighting fixtures, modern floor lamps have the ability to transcend the gap between pedestrian and artistic lighting. Floor lights can light up corners and areas with delightful aura. Sitting areas or bedrooms can simply transform magically with the artful use of living room lamps. Be it for specific tasks or ambient lighting, modern floor lamps are increasingly being preferred for various lighting solutions. To help create a beautiful look for your interiors, Fabiia has a diverse array of modern floor lamps including designer floor lamp and standing lamp.

One of the highlight of living room lamps is their standalone feature which increases their functionality manifold. The Atomheart from Fabiia is a standing lamp with a futuristic design. Emulating the erratic path of an atom in a nucleus, this opal glass lamp is a vision! Modern floor lamps such as the Avalone or say the Cache floor lamp spell chic simplicity. Living room lamps are expected to perform various illumining functions. Besides task lighting, they can enhance the ambience of the surroundings. The Coltrane designer floor lamp is an ode to the jazz genius John Coltrane. This fluid standing lamp can light up the dullest corners.

Floor lights can add magic to the scene because of their intense play of light and shade. Campanone Tavolino is one such designer floor lamp that can set the floor on fire! Its expansive proportion doubles up as a lighted table to hold drinks and refreshments. Ideal for a rooftop lounge scene don’t you agree?! And what can we say about the Botti designer floor lamp than simply gasp in admiration! This orchestrated piece is a symphony of music and light truly worthy of ovation.

Living floor lamps are very versatile in the sense that their presence adds as a decorative element as well. We can say this with conviction by looking at the Cyrus floor lamp. Inspired by Persian accents, this gold plated brass standing lamp throws light in both directions, illumining itself and surroundings.

Modern floor lamps in Fabiia’s repertoire will dissuade you from looking elsewhere, such is the variety! From smart reading lamps like the Diana or Hello floor lamp to art pieces like the Matheny designer floor lamp, you’ll find it all here. What’s more, these floor lights come in a range of materials for you to pick your choice. Living room lamps like the Leaf Tree or Hanna floor lamp are design marvels by themselves, their utility being an added advantage! Be ready to be bedazzled!

There’s many a reason to buy a standing lamp, brightening homes with floor lights is just one of them!

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