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Lounge chairs are epitomes of laid back comfort and prime examples of relaxing in style. Unique design and versatility of use make furniture pieces such as rattan lounge chairs or the high back chair great acquisitions. Lounge chairs from Fabiia and variations like the sunlounger or sunbed are design marvels by themselves besides being quality benchmarkers. Like to own one? Just browse the handpicked selection!

Among other furniture items, what sets lounge chairs apart is their distinctive design structure. Striking a balance between traditional and uber-modern, rattan lounge chairs represent easy, relaxed sensibility married to a classy demeanour. A fine specimen would be the Caroline Chair from Fabiia. Clean vertical lines and weather friendly material makes this straddle the distinction between indoor and outdoor furniture quite effortlessly. Rattan lounge chairs such as this one score high on functionality and durability. The Fox lounge chair is an ode to design with its delightful curves. Its wide backed comfort and a sloping seat add appeal to your outdoor setting and are also effective as a sunlounger. It comes in three cool colours as well!

Lounge chairs are preferred for their comfort factor as for the design quotient. A high back chair or its variants provides the right support to the back allowing one to sit in comfort. Chantal is one such high back chair crafted in natural rattan and has pretty interweaves in black and white. Bring home a high back chair and you can relax in style while your tired back gets the much needed care! For inspiration, look at the Monet high back chair with its wide back and seamless structure offering optimal comfort.

Speaking of comfort, who doesn’t enjoy a snooze out in the sun?! A sunlounger such as the Paris chair will add glamour too! A legendary Arne Jacobsen creation, this sunlounger is a symphony in fluid designing. Gasps of admiration will be commonplace when you place this masterpiece in your spaces. Yet another design ace is the Olive chaise lounge chair and it can be a perfect garden seating solution. The aluminium and fibre component gives it a chic breezy look.

Rattan lounge chairs are great sitting options because of the harmony they create with nature. The Josephine sunbed can transform any outdoor space with elan. This beautifully crafted sunbed is a lightweight recliner with fitted wheels for easy mobility. Ample leg space makes it a prized buy! Soaking up the goodness of the sun is enhanced manifold with a sunbed for company. For a sunbed, the Helen series is a veritable work of art. An affixed head cushion and tightly woven rattan over a metal frame is a definite clincher for this sunlounger. Fitted wheels for mobility and a wonderful curved seat, need we say more?! Yes, three attractive colour options are good enough reasons to own this sunbed. The Chill lounge chairs spell modern chic and come with additional stools.

So just get yourself a few rattan lounge chairs from Fabiia and soak in the goodness of nature!