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Oluce’s presence in the lighting design scene is as luminous as their lighting elements. Founded in 1945 by Guiseppe Ostini, Oluce is the oldest Italian lighting design company that’s still in reckoning, and with a flourish at that. Enriched by legacy and empowered by innovation, Oluce creations are glowing statements of design excellence that transcend time and are considered icons in their respective categories. Their design journey, which started in the volatile post war times, has been monumental and peppered with numerous awards and recognitions. For Oluce, lighting went beyond utilitarian and succeeded in scaling novel heights in distinctive design. The brand’s impressive collection of luminaires built over decades, tells a story that’s rich and multifaceted and transcends fashion to become timeless classics. Fabiia is privileged to associate with Oluce and house their lighting solutions.

While Oluce’s design journey is marked with achievements, notable among them is the creation of the Agnoli Floor lamp that pioneered the trend of lamps sans shade and created the newfound interest in spotlight lamps. Another one of their creations, the Atollo lamp has garnered praise from across the world for its graphic silhouette and though imitations have sprung up, none can rival the iconic stature this luminaire has gone on to attain. Lighting from Oluce gave birth to new expression, a bold template and an enduring class that few could rival. For the brand, ’modern’ does not just signify design; it entails a whole new concept, from structure and form to diverse and technology driven use of various materials for their products which give them a signature look that is enduring and special.

Many landmarks dot the Oluce journey, significant among them is the path breaking introduction of the halogen lamp which has gone on to attain achieve iconic status in the lighting world. The brand’s “made in Italy’ tag is a desirable marker of excellence and diverse areas including corporate, restaurants, hospitality and others have adorned their spaces with Oluce lighting. Table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, suspensions, pendants, outdoor lamps and a host of other lighting solutions make the Oluce repertoire. The iconic Atollo lamp, with its unique symmetry of geometrical shapes and true balance of form, is an essential representation of classic design. The Globe lamp is a vision in beautiful hand blown glass giving off ambient light to perfection. The Coupe collection features a representation of an upturned cocktail glass as its lampshade and is enhanced by its slim rounded arch that is movable. The Pascal floor lamp has a striking silhouette with its sleek frame holding upturned conical lampshades. Enough to light up a room with its presence, the functional illuminating aspect is a given! The Sonora Pendant is a globe of simple charm, its artless form filling a space with warm glow. In contrast, the Lys LED Pendant is a modern fixture with smooth fluid lines. The lighting designs from Oluce speak through their creative structural form, and transform spaces with their inviting glow.

Oluce lighting transforms contemporary interiors with their fascinating presence and exacting quality.

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