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Bethan Gray

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“I believe in storytelling through craft and design, says Bethan Gray. This encapsulates the vision and philosophy of Bethan Gray, one of UK ‘s most celebrated furniture and accessories designers and winner of many prestigious design awards. Established in 2008, Bethan Gray Design is a confluence of world cultures and traditions brought about, in part, by the designer’s remarkable ancestry, tracing back to nomadic clans of the mystical Middle East and Eastern parts of the world. Bethan Gray’s standing is reinforced by her ability to retell classical art and craft through contemporary furniture. This fluidity of design across ages has won her critical acclaim across places. Fabiia is privileged to showcase some her celebrated designs.

The vibrant elegance of Bethan Gray’s furniture comes from her love for unique art and craft traditions spanning of diverse cultures and continents. Her innate sense of beauty coupled with a seeking nomadic spirit has led her to fashion her craft accordingly, leaving a distinctive stamp that’s uniquely Bethan Gray. Each piece is an inimitable celebration of art, it tells its own glorious tale. Just browse through the handpicked selection of Bethan Gray products from Fabiia and you’ll know what we are talking about. Most of her pieces draw influences from her wide travel experiences. The Nizwa Cabinet for instance becomes an heirloom piece for any one owning it! This cabinet is fashioned out of stained maple and stands on elegant brass legs. Inspired by Omani architecture, specifically the Nizwa fort in Oman, the delicate gold brass inlay work on the body of the cabinet resembles the structures of the fort castellation that simulates the ombre effect of sunlit silhouettes. This product also has made- to- order specifications with regard to doors and drawers. Naturally tinted veneers add to that wonderful finish.

Bethan Gray revels in telling stories through her creations. The wanderlust in her imbibes the multitude of travel experiences and her inner artistic sense translates those stories into tangible designs. Nature has been Bethan Gray’s biggest inspiration and it powers her creativity into crafting out breathtaking designs. An example of this is the Paua Side table, a product whose aesthetic appeal lies in incorporating shells in the design scheme. This side table sports a round maple top over slender gold tipped legs. The real beauty of this piece lies in the Paua abalone shell bits encrusted along the rim of the table top. The effervescent play of blue- green shades is mesmerising! It comes in a range of enriching colours. The royal look of the Shamsian side table is captivating, to say the least. We specially love the brass inlay work along the edge. The Three Colour Brogue side table represents contemporary furniture at its best. The jazzy leather table top on slender legs further gets elevated with a leather embossed design along the circumference. It comes in various tri-colour combinations.

Bethan Gray excels in bringing together the sensibilities of diverse arts and cultures and weaving their essence into her creations. Immerse yourself in that experience!

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