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The Light that Creates Haloes

zero vertical round the light that creates haloes

Sleek and dramatic, the Zero Vertical Round Pendant Lamp is a luminous lighting solution. In a recall to the proverbial ring of fire, the Zero uplifts contemporary interiors with its evocative presence. Fashioned like the hula hoops, the Zero sports a slender extruded aluminium circular frame, quite like a glowing zero. The inner circumference is fitted with an LED opal polycarbonate diffuser while the outer rim features a variety of finishes like black, white titanium, bronze or mat brass. The vertical suspension, by a thin steel wire, looks light and airy thanks to its reduced thickness.

The Zero Vertical Round can be installed as a singular fixture or in arresting compositions. This pendant lamp works wonderfully for large areas in the office, retail, hospitality and contract environments.

zero vertical round the light that creates haloes
zero vertical round pendant lamp
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