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The Pendant that’s attuned to Nature

zappy pendant lamp the pendant thats attuned to nature

The Zappy Pendant Lamp brings the essence of the forest right inside living spaces. A sublime creation, the Zappy has been handcrafted to perfection and evocatively illumines contemporary interiors. The pendant light is a composition in oak or ash veneer and adopts the profile of a pine cone. Small wood slats encircle and gently overlap each other to form the cone-like lampshade. The light source, enclosed within, radiates soft light through the tiny slits and creates a luminous aura. The Zappy is fitted with a cord suspension in various colours. Available in two sizes, this pendant enchants with its alluring silhouette. The high-quality wood ensures long and sustained service.

Offering soft ambient light, the Zappy can uplift diverse hospitality, residential and contract surroundings.

zappy pendant lamp the pendant thats attuned to nature
Zappy pendant lamp
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