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The Essential Cabinet

Vitrum Cabinet | The Essential Cabinet |

The Vitrum Cabinet is a subtle piece made exclusive by its discreet elegance. A multifunctional cabinet, the Vitrum emanates class without being overpowering. A blend of varying materials, this cabinet is a versatile acquisition for contemporary living. The Vitrum has an elongated low wooden structure in finishes like oak, ash or walnut. The top surface comes in satin glass or ceramic giving it a sleek appearance. A single plank of wood with a bevelled edge forms the front door enhancing its seamless silhouette.  The Vitrum can be placed in diverse spaces, from the living room to the dining area or bedroom.

The top acts as a display counter while the cabinet provides ample storage space. Available in various finishes, the cabinet is a must-have for hospitality and residential interiors.

Vitrum Cabinet | The Essential Cabinet |
Vitrum cabinet

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