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As Comfortable as a Sofa

Tulip Sofa | As Comfortable as a Sofa |

The Tulip sofa from Sika Design is the kind of sofa for the free-spirited and the adventurous. It is also the kind of sofa which inspires us to return home assured of rest, relaxation and comfort. The design conveys a sense of timelessness and tradition.

Human relationships should essentially be as comfortable as a sofa. Our social interactions should be as spacious and supportive as a good sofa set. This is how important it is to find the right sofa and to form fulfilling social associations. We need both to be long-lasting and suitable particularly to our lifestyle.

Tulip Sofa | As Comfortable as a Sofa |

Made from high-quality rattan, the sofa’s fine bindings in the seat and back are made on a frame of aluminium by skilled wicker workers. Cushions can be purchased for the back and seat in any optional fabric, sewn to perfection and elegance. 

How wonderful to have relationships that are as comfortable and reliable as a good quality sofa!

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