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Think Design – Restart with a Bang!


The new decade, with all its promise and possibilities, hasn’t quite gotten off to a start we all would have liked. The current uncertain times have left us all a bit shaky, we must admit. But, despite the gloom and doom, there’s always a glimmer of hope around the corner, the faith that we all hold on to, right?! As businesses start opening up after a period of closure, there’s a certain resoluteness that powers us on to see things in a new perspective and carry on with renewed determination!

As it has been a shaky year so far for all of us, it’s all the more necessary to get back into business with confidence and a sense of purpose. Exactly the reason why our team at Fabiia has worked round the clock to curate a signature collection that’s exciting and avant garde!   Our catalogue of Hospitality Contract furniture is a trail blazing range of curated contract furniture that caters to wide spectra of requirements, from hotels and restaurants to offices and workspaces, and then some more! The trend for multifunctional spaces is growing and we are here to cater to all specifications.

Given the ongoing situation, a great deal of positive outcomes in businesses will depend on how well equipped we are to bring customers back and win their loyalty.  A strong focal point is the use of right furniture. Visual appeal is the primary driver that allures a customer and a balance of aesthetics and comfort is indeed a winning combination.  Our catalogue of Hospitality Contract furniture aims to fulfil both criteria at one go. But wait for the best part! Our speciality, and therefore, may we say our appeal, lies in the ideation and creation of contract furniture that is suited exactly to the client’s Project needs.

When it comes to selecting furniture for our interior spaces, the key focus should be on specific choices.   One can follow the prevalent design trends or spell out exclusivity, the choice is individual. But a brilliant way to individualize a piece for a Project is to go for contract furniture. This means that you can have the cake and eat it too! How so? Well, contract furniture allows you to choose and customise it according to your specifications for your Projects! How’s that for the icing?! Any knowledgeable design aficionado will tell you that the right kind of furniture can elevate the look of interiors by several notches. 

Be it hospitality or commercial spaces, contract furniture for Projects can give just the kind of fillip needed to elevate the style quotient by several notches. A deciding trend for the current year in built around infusing soul to your surroundings. It’s about creating an environment that’s in sync with nature while blending effortlessly with the current design paradigms. The wide range of furniture in Fabiia’s catalogue of Hospitality Contract furniture, from chairs to lounge seats, sofas to bar stools, tables to ottomans, all aim bring that much needed breath of freshness into spaces.  Contract furniture from Fabiia, that proudly bears a personal imprint, is the way to go about it!

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