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The Style Factor!


At times the design brilliance of a product captivates us no end. The Liz pouf by Domkapa is one such seating solution that mesmerises us into alluring submission! A wonderfully styled pouf, the Liz enhances the style quotient of the space it adorns by many notches. Smart, compact and quaint at once, this pouf is a sublime balance of style and comfort. With a body structure that alludes to the congo drum, the Liz pouf sports a seat at a stylish incline. Snug fit fabric makes up the comfortable seat and there’s also a loop detailing! The Liz pouf has a textured steel base that gives it a solidity of structure. Displaying a hint of Scandinavian influence, the Liz is a welcome addition both for indoor and outdoor spaces. All in all a wonderfully mobile and adaptable piece!

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