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Stylish Comfort


The lavish experience that the Yumi Bed offers is evident from its inviting first impression. Created by Domkapa, the Yumi bed is a vision of chic sophistication. With clean lines, devoid of superfluity, the Yumi imbues the ambient decor with a pleasing personality. This contemporary bed is low set and sports a eucalyptus frame. With an imposing headboard and solid form, the Yumi is cut out for modern environments across varied spaces. The entire bed is upholstered in plush velvet which comes in an arresting palette of colours. This bed is also available in leather upholstery. The Yumi comes in two accommodating sizes. Hand-stitched fabric and neat detailing, as always the hallmarks of Domkapa, make the Yumi bed a coveted acquisition for both residential and hospitality projects.


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