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Storage Wonders

Books are among man’s best friends, along with dogs that is! Fact of the matter is, technology and the electronic revolution have infringed upon our reading space with great force. Time constraints and also the relative ease with which we can access information have greatly affected our reading habits. But nothing comes near the joy of holding a real printed book, delving into its depths and soaking in the fresh smells emanating from it.

But, hang on. This post is not to wax eloquent on the merits of book reading! Rather an incentive to develop the habit double quick because chances are, you will, once you see what’s in store for you!

Yes, I’m talking about Fabiia’s new range of Lean Man side tables and consoles. Storing and displaying things has never been a more enticing activity and books are just one of them. Revolutionary in concept and styling, Lean Man side tables and consoles have redefined the idea of storage furniture in a big way.

Lean Man Console Table

One of the hard facts of modern living is space constraint. We are often short changed for ideas to make effective utilization of space. A common notion is that storage pieces are just spaces to keep things in. The concept that, by themselves, they can be statement pieces also somehow evades the mind. Fabiia’s collection of Lean Man side tables and consoles will compel you, or should we say allure you, to look at them in a different light. Their futuristic concept of leveraging the wall as a support is a master stroke by itself! Prop them up against any wall and you have storage cum display object at one go. Need we mention the amount of awed conversation it will generate?!

Lean Man Side Table

Fabiia has constantly strived to showcase the new innovations that hit the markets. Their range of side tables and consoles is yet another step in this regard. A high point of these pieces is their versatility. Multiple utility is just one of their uses. Place a Lean man side table beside your bed and voila, you have a good looking nightstand to hold your knick knacks. Place them in the hallway or corridors to store your magazines or even decorative pieces. Any why limit them to households? These statement pieces can enliven your office and workplaces with equal grace!

Lean Man Console Table

Lean Man side tables and consoles come in a range of arresting and vibrant colours. Just prop them up against a muted wall and watch things get livened up in a cinch! A good place to use them would be the children’s room. They will give you no reason to complain of strewn books and toys when arranging them in the storage itself is such an attractive affair! By the same logic, a good place to have these would be play schools and crèches.

Lean Man Side Table

This brings me back to the beginning. What better place to display your book collection than these awe-inspiring Lean man side tables and consoles?! Bring home one of these and make heads turns!

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