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Low Pouf: Special Seat

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The Low Pouf by Domkapa is a versatile furniture piece that adapts beautifully to diverse requirements. Simple yet effortlessly stylish, the Low pouf adds vibrant vibes to contemporary interiors while making a distinctive statement by its presence. A pouf is a functional product for modern interiors and the Low pouf excels with its design dynamics. The round base structure of this pouf is made of stained beech. Shaped like a barrel with padded seating, the pouf is swathed in plush velvet that has been hand-stitched to perfection. The fabric is available in a wide range of exciting hues that can complement any decor. The Low pouf also comes in the leather encasing. Given its mobility, the pouf can be dragged around as a temporary seat option anywhere. Make sure you have the Low pouf around!

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The Low Pouf by Domkapa is a chic and versatile addition to any interior space, combining elegant design with exceptional comfort.
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The Low Pouf by Domkapa effortlessly blends style and functionality, offering a perfect balance of form and comfort for contemporary living.

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