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Space trouble?

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Contrary to popular belief, smaller, cosy interiors aren’t the end of the world! Leave your negative notions behind; they’re actually the most fun to decorate since innovation is always involved! When looking for a new flat (especially with a family in tow), most are on the lookout to maximize square feet, whilst minimizing expenditure. Not impossible, but definitely improbable. You’ve got to work with what you’ve got! The play of light and colour is a crucial element to the design process, but first let’s dive down to furnishings and their spatial placement.

Base instinct – Seating

space trouble post page fabiiacom

Visu chair. Red Oslo two seater sofa.

Lets compare the chairs set above and below.

space trouble post page fabiiacom

On one hand, we see leggy, streamlined pieces, with tons of space for the floor to run below, uninterrupted. This is precisely how you maintain an open, breathable environment. The chunkier pieces, on the other hand, seat only one and take up more space than they are worth. In a large room, sure, but your modest space couldn’t take the blow! In principle we are looking to fit in as much seating space as possible, therefore, in the case of your sofa, the exact opposite is true.

space trouble post page fabiiacom

Connect Corner Sofa

Buying one large piece of furniture, over multiple small ones, visually promotes less clutter. The sectional sofas here could easily seat between 5 to 8 people in one seamless space – no gaps in between. A cushy, comfortable, case in point!

space trouble post page fabiiacom

Next, you want to ensure there is never a tight squeeze in your spatial arrangement, combine your large sofa with 2-3 svelte chairs, leaving ample space in between and voila! You’re not bumping your little toe on the daily, as you flit around your living room.

Multi-purpose Marvels

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Rest Pouf. Circus Pouf

Is it a stool? Is it a table? A bit of both actually, it’s the Ottoman (Sometimes known as pouf)! It doubles up as a coffee table and an additional seating area to entertain larger parties.

space trouble post page fabiiacom

Yeh Wall Table. Cappuccino Coffee Tables

The wall table is a clever hack to get space-hogging tables out of your way and (quite literally) up against the wall. Or, you could opt for miniature ones that nest into one another and stash them under when not required.

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Oops Dining Table

When it comes to buying a dining table, things might seem dicey, ‘Might as well buy a small table.’ – ‘But we’ll never be able to accommodate guests for dinner!’

Then again, there is always the innovative extendable table.

space trouble post page fabiiacom

LP Stackable Chair

Add to that a set of stackable chairs, and you’ve got options a-plenty! Both, table and chair are again multi-purpose, unlike standard dining table sets.

So far, if you notice, most of the furniture depicted here is sat closer to the ground. This, in turn, leaves more space overhead. The lower your furniture is, the higher your ceiling appears. If you can’t derive the illusion of space width wise, the only way to go is up!

Another point to note; when it comes to the windows, we see either shutter blinds and airy drapes or no drapes at all! Since you’re trying to craft the illusion of space, you’d much rather draw light in and the keep the windows visible. More on that up next with –

Light and colour

space trouble post page fabiiacom

Eikon Family Pendants. Carronade Wall Lamp

A broken record though this may sound like, white is the go to colour for a spacious feel. Essentially, all pale hues will broaden the room, while darker ones cause it to feel closed in. From there, it’s entirely your decision what colour to pick, but we recommend you don’t stop at your walls, but carry along to the ceiling – yes the ceiling! It maintains continuity, which tricks the eyes into believing the ceiling is higher up that it is in reality.

space trouble post page fabiiacom

Looshaus Wall Lamp

When it comes to lighting, you’re best bet would be to avoid heavy fixtures and chunky table lamps. Sconces, ceiling pendants and track lighting, all have something in common – being ceiling or wall fixtures, they stay out of your way! Using these fixtures, you’re primary goal is to see to it that some of the light is thrown at the ceiling, giving your room a palatial (one might dream) appearance.

space trouble post page fabiiacom

And finally, the crowning jewel in your masterpiece? – Mirrors! This might be the oldest trick in the book, but its not going anywhere, anytime soon. You can go crazy with a multitude of mirrors in funky styles along your walls. A clever trick is to place it adjacent to a window. This opens a new portal to the outdoors, with twice the natural light!

As always, within any space is brimming potential for great design solutions. Don’t forget to have fun with it and here’s hoping these tips come in handy. Best of luck!


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