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The Dressed Up Pendant

Slope Pendant Light | The Dressed Up Pendant |

The Slope Pendant Light is artisanal innovation at its best. This wonderfully conceived pendant is a happy marriage of two distinctly diverse materials that blend to create perfect harmony. The Slope pendant consists of a conical lampshade that is composed of beech wood and metal. While the top part is hand-carved out of beech, complete with a natural grainy look, the bottom portion is encased in painted metal. The seamless merger of the two parts, where the wood socket holding light source fits into the metal casing, is faultless.

The Slope pendant light has a fabric cord suspension with adjustable height and comes in three sizes. Offering direct downlighting, the bright and peppy Slope pendant can beautifully enhance contemporary hospitality, residential and contract environments.

Slope Pendant Light | The Dressed Up Pendant |

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