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The Light Airy Bed

Shiko Wein Bed | The Light Airy Bed |

The Shiko Wein Bed is a sublime blend of strength and lightness. This king-size bed is heightened by an evolved sense of form and structure. The Shiko Wein is inspired by the Japanese tatami or floor mat, appealing with its linear lines and innovative materials. The bed presents a rectangular form in ash wood elevated on four legs. The Shiko Wein’s headboard is an expansive frame with rounded edges, composed of Vienna straw in a tight intricate weave. This lends breathability and airiness to the attractive frame, allowing light to filter through the weave.

The Shiko Wein assumes the quality of the Shiko, a Sumo ritual, which involves strength and dependability. Available in several finishes, the bed is a wonderful addition to contemporary hospitality, residential and contract interiors.

Shiko Wein Bed | The Light Airy Bed |
Shiko Wein Bed

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