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Shelly Teak Shelves: Chic Display

shelly teak shelves by sika design blog

The Shelly Teak Shelves is definitely a piece of furniture every modern interior needs. This immensely practical and versatile storage cum display unit by Sika Design fulfils multiple requirements in contemporary interior spaces. An admirably raw and simple design, devoid of fluff, raises the appeal of the Shelly. The bare frame allures with its open composition. A stark grey steel frame is equipped with three shelves of natural teak. Sika Design is known for their commitment to sustainability and the use of environmentally friendly materials. The Shelly Teak Shelves is made from reclaimed teak wood collected from diverse sources. The natural grain of teak is left in its raw form, thus imparting a unique texture. The Shelly is a quaint and useful item to have around and is low maintenance too!

shelly teak shelves by sika design ultimate storage solution
Crafted from rich teak wood, the Shelly Shelves blend organic beauty with contemporary design.
shelly teak shelves tall
The Shelly Teak Shelves combine timeless elegance with practical functionality, offering a stylish storage solution for any space.

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