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The Inviting Bed

Shelby Bed | The Inviting Bed |

The Shelby Bed is a winning acquisition for interiors. Combining style and substance the double bed adds verve to contemporary bedroom projects. Set apart by linear lines, the Shelby is a refined solution. The bed is a low set structure upholstered in plush velvet or synthetic leather. The Shelby displays a regal headboard in matching upholstery. The headboard has a slightly tapering top which gives an illusion of space and makes the area appear larger. Seamlessly stitched details enhance the Shelby bed’s profile. Neatly stitched accents with crisscross design bring a sophisticated look to the bed. The Shelby comes in a range of attractive finishes that complement the surrounding decor.

Impeccable quality and comfort make the Shelby Bed a fine addition to hospitality and contract spaces.

Shelby Bed | The Inviting Bed |
Shelby Bed

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