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Revolving Glow

Revolta Suspension: Revolving Glow |

A string of open circles etched in the air, hanging in suspended animation carve out a story in harmony. That’s the Revolta Suspension for you! This contemporary suspension light by Estiluz is a statement in minimalist chic. The visually dominant wide circles of aluminium define the structure of the Revolta. Hanging from the circles are cylindrical aluminium structures that house LED acrylic diffusers. The resulting silhouette is one of consummate appeal that exudes understated class. The Revolta suspension works wonderfully as a decorative lighting piece, lending an air of softness to the whole ambience. Use this pendant light individually or create a canopy of your own with a number of them. Ideal for both homes and hospitality spaces, the Revolta vibe can transform your environs!

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