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Refined Seating

Claretta armchair by miniforms

The Claretta Armchair by Miniforms captures the romance of the past and executes it with modern finesse. In a fond throwback to the vintage bistro chairs of Paris, the Claretta plays with form to present a fine impression. Slim and graceful, this armchair adds a refined elegance to contemporary interiors. The Claretta features a wood body like ash, oak and walnut. The slender legs extend up to the backrest while the seat is upholstered in fabric in many finishes. With comfortable armrests, the Claretta provides admirable resistance thanks to modern making techniques. This armchair is stackable up to 5 chairs that enhance its utility quotient as well. This upholstered chair pairs well with various dining tables across kitchens and dining areas of residential, contract and hospitality spaces.

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