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The Natural Sunbed

Rafael Sunbed | The Natural Sunbed |

The Rafael Sunbed is characterised by a raw appeal and vibrant presence. This exotic sunbed brings freshness to contemporary outdoor environments and re-imagines its new imagery. Rafael draws inspiration from the unpredictability of nature and reinterprets it with a unique touch. The structure is composed of solid teak that perfectly harmonises with the outdoors while being weatherproof. Thick teak slats are aligned horizontally to form the seat frame. The slats are of differing sizes giving it a raft-like appearance. A headboard composed of similar vertical asymmetric slats completes the scheme.

The low set Rafael is supplied with comfy acrylic cushions in earthy finishes. Coming in natural or pickled teak, the Rafael sunbed adds a new dimension to hospitality and contract outfits.

Rafael Sunbed | The Natural Sunbed |
Rafael Sunbed

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