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Disruption Modular Sofa by Domkapa


Note: Prices displayed above are for category 2 and category 3 from
Domkapa fabric collection.

If you require customisations using these Materials and Finishes, please contact us


Price for

  • 1 x Disruption Module Chaise Longue by Domkapa
  • 1 x Disruption Module Pouf by Domkapa
  • 1 x Disruption Module with Armrest by Domkapa
  • 1 x Disruption Module w/ back Sofa by Domkapa

The Disruption Modular sofa made by the quintessential Portugal furniture brand, Domkapa is a stellar example of how breaking away becomes a necessity to build anew. The concept behind the creation of this sofa set is the ability to reinvent and rearrange a set of furniture pieces to suit one’s needs and tastes. The sectional modules of the sofa can be a source of imagination and personal interpretation.

The soft curves and the cushiony contours of the Disruption Modular Sofa speak volumes about how breaking away need not always be a dissatisfactory aspect of life. Instead, it can be a chance to begin something comfortingly new!

For FR foam there will be an upcharge. Please contact us to request the FR foam prices.

Fabric Structure: Velvet, Weaves, Patterned, Synthetic Leather, Natural Leather.

Finish / Colors:

Velvet (Category.2) – Aldan 2914 (Velvet), Aldan 2918 (Velvet), Aldan 2920 (Velvet), Aldan 2921 (Velvet), Aldan 2922 (Velvet), Aldan 2940 (Velvet)

Weaves (Category.2) – Logone 01 (Weaves), Logone 09 (Weaves), Logone 10 (Weaves), Logone 44 (Weaves), Logone 69 (Weaves)

Patterned (Category.2) – Verdon 01 (Patterned), Verdon 02 (Patterned), Verdon 03 (Patterned), Verdon 14 (Patterned)

Synthetic Leather (Category.2) – Rupert Ash, Rupert Terra, Rupert Black, Rupert Bordeaux, Rupert Camel, Rupert Chocolate, Rupert Cream, Rupert Forest, Rupert Ocean, Rupert Siena, Rupert Taupe

Velvet (Category.3) – Clarence BS1 (Velvet), Clarence BS6 (Velvet), Clarence BS17 (Velvet), Clarence BS23 (Velvet), Clarence BS33 (Velvet)

Weaves (Category.3) – Helmand 02 (Weaves), Helmand 05 (Weaves), Helmand 10 (Weaves), Helmand 11 (Weaves), Helmand 53 (Weaves)

Natural Leather (Category.L3) – Desna Agave (Natural Leather L3), Desna Brandy (Natural Leather L3), Desna Camel (Natural Leather L3), Desna Forest (Natural Leather L3), Desna Wine (Natural Leather L3)

Pictured Materials:
Packshot Image –
Fabric Structure: Logone 01

Lifestyle Image –
Fabric Structure: Aldan 2920

To order a similar finish, please contact us.

Length: 444.5 cm | Depth: 180 cm | Height: 80 cm | Seat Height: 40 cm

Lead Time: 6 – 8 weeks

Delivery Information

We deliver worldwide. For commercial projects we can deliver to project site in the country of delivery, and for retail clients we can deliver to residential addresses. The price for delivery will be quoted based on the products and their quantities. Our customer care team can be contacted by email on [email protected], or called on +44(0) 208 706 0809 and they will be happy to assist you with your requirement.

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