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Outdoor Lighting

What’s life without a little magic?! Well, outdoor lighting does its fair share of sprinkling fairy dust and infusing wonder into the outdoors. Luminaires like outdoor floor lamp and outdoor hanging light are essential for safety of outdoor spaces. All these and more including outdoor pendant light and outdoor floor light are available with Fabiia to make your gardens and lawns all the more enchanting!

Outdoor lighting can beautifully transform the look of open-air spaces. A little thought needs to be invested into what sort of outdoor lighting can work for your space. Fixtures such as the outdoor floor lamp lights up the ground perfectly. An outdoor floor light enhances the feel of being out in the open. A look at the Atollo Panca outdoor light will reinforce what is being said. This wonderfully crafted piece of outdoor lighting will make you rush outdoors and enjoy warm summer nights and cool winter evenings every time! The design feature of this outdoor floor light is its USP. Going against the popular grain of light travelling in a straight light, this outdoor floor lamp, with its fluid curves, is a decided showstopper. The range of tyre shaped light pieces can be placed anywhere, be it your gardens or even indoor fitness or sport centres.

An outdoor floor lamp is a great choice for garden lighting because of its sheer utility. The Atollo Pouf outdoor floor lamp is a magnificent marvel of modern design. It combines the functionality of illumination with a smart seating solution! So we have these beautifully lighted poufs dotting the garden landscape with aplomb. Twin benefits, wouldn’t you agree?! An outdoor floor lamp like the Borsalina series is a delight to the eyes. Shaped like a purse, this outdoor floor light diffuses a soft glow in white or coloured polyethylene. Just the right addition to your garden or balcony!

When you use an outdoor hanging light, it not only illumines paths and walkways, it also adds a touch of mystic aura to the whole setting. A light fixture such as an outdoor pendant light at the front door or the driveway lends an element of cool sophistication. Using an outdoor hanging light illumines paths in the garden effectively making movement in the night easy. Security concerns are allayed greatly with an outdoor hanging light. Of course, the glamour of an outdoor pendant light cannot be undermined. Simplistic garden settings can be given stylish makeovers by tasteful positioning of an outdoor pendant light. Install the Campanone outdoor pendant light and watch your garden areas come alive! This beautiful bell shaped specimen of outdoor hanging light is a treat for the eyes! Emanating soft radiance, this outdoor pendant light blends in well with surroundings while maintaining a distinctive style.

Among outdoor lighting fixtures, the Icaro outdoor floor lamp is a class apart. Encased in a cage-like structure, this outdoor floor light oozes old world romantic charm.

Own quality outdoor lighting from Fabiia and you will end up spending more time outdoors! Check it out!

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