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Please click here to view/download our
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Rattan Furniture

Across living spaces, residential or commercial, rattan furniture is increasingly cementing its foothold in terms of usage. Hospitality businesses too have taken to rattan furniture with zest. A collection of furniture including varieties like the rattan armchair and rattan rocking chair awaits you at Fabiia. Oh yes, that teak table or a rattan cafe table to complement the chairs are also here with us!

Among the wide diversity in the choice of furniture, rattan items stand out as classic blends of old world charm and modern pizzazz. Rattan has been in the reckoning since long back in history. Weaving was among the elemental skills acquired by humans and over time we can see beautiful manifestations in the form of wicker furniture. The utility quotient of rattan furniture straddles both interior and outdoor spaces. Fabiia’s collection is as versatile, if not more! From a rattan rocking chair to that rattan cafe table, it offers a wide variety of items.

Spanning across a variety of designs, from classic to mid-century modern, art deco to contemporary, rattan furniture in Fabiia’s repertoire is in a league of its own! Browse our Scandinavian designs like the Madame rattan armchair or the classy high back Monet chair. It’ll leave you spell bound!

With the ability to fit into any decor while transforming the look with its very presence, items like a rattan rocking chair or a rattan cafe table spells value addition to any space. Team up the Monique rattan armchair or the classy Athene rattan armchair with the Nicole rattan cafe table or a teak table and watch it light up any space! What’s your idea of sublime communion with nature? We suggest you invest in a rattan rocking chair, like the Nanny rattan rocking chair and enjoy nature in companionable silence!

One aspect of rattan furniture is its durability and minimal maintenance hassle. A rattan armchair placed artfully in your patio or balcony can withstand all weather conditions with very less wear and tear. Pair the very attractive Isabell rattan armchair or the timeless Emma rattan armchair with smart looking Danielle rattan cafe table. It is bound to generate conversation! Among the selection of rattan furniture at Fabiia, sofas, benches and loveseats in elegant contemporary designs can qualify as coveted acquisitions any day. Place a teak table beside them, holding your cuppa of hot brew, to complete the magic. Have you seen the Donatello chair? Don’t you just love this rattan armchair, what with its regal bearing and enveloping frame?! Tasteful mix & match of furniture items in various makes can enhance the overall look of any space. An earthy teak table surrounded by a few rattan chairs like Melody or the Sophie rattan chair , set amidst verdant lawns can enrich mundane dining experiences greatly.

Lounging in the sun or reading your favourite author can surely become more than past-times if you’re in company of choicest rattan furniture from Fabiia . A rattan rocking chair and a teak table holding your favourite drink sounds inviting, right?!

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