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Office Lounge Chair

For long, office spaces have been synonymous with staid, dull settings and boring furniture. Not any longer! Offices have received the much needed makeovers and have reinvented themselves as vibrant, organic spaces with a modern outlook. Luxury and style both come into play when doing up modern office interiors. After all, these are spaces where one needs to be their creative and productive best. Furniture such as the lounge desk chair and office lounge chair are must haves for work areas. With home offices being the order of the day, soft seating chairs are much desired requirements. If you’re looking to revamp your office or are searching for office lounge seating options, Fabiia has the right items in store for you. Here, you’ll find the best office lounge chair that fits the bill perfectly!

Office lounge seating should sport a professional look while providing the right degree of comfort. Office areas are no longer clinical rigid places. Rather, modern offices double up as meeting spaces where ideating and brain storming happens in a vibrant surrounding. To create the right atmosphere in offices, seating options hold great relevance. Be it the lounge desk chair or the office lounge chair, soft seating chairs are a prerequisite. When you’re looking for the best office chair for your space, a few pointers must be borne in mind. The best office lounge chair must be ergonomic in design, one that provides the right support for the back. Soft seating chairs are comfortable yet stylish in appeal.

Contemporary office lounge seating arrangements are a tasteful mix of formal style and chic flair. Fabiia’s pick of the lounge desk chair or the office lounge chair fits contemporary settings perfectly. The Sprite Lite Lounge chair by Pledge is one such offering from Fabiia. This lounge desk chair is striking in looks and the curved lines of its seat lend it a fluidity of form. The cushioned upholstery of this office lounge chair, available in arresting colours, fits perfectly in the category of soft seating chairs. The wooden frame of this lounge desk chair is complemented with a sleek chrome wire base. All in all, a smart fusion of wood, metal and fabric! Pick up a couple of these soft seating chairs in same or contrasting colours and your hunt for the best office lounge chair is brought to fruition!

When it comes to choosing the best office lounge chair, be it for office lounge seating or home office area, durability with functionality must be a criterion. The Sharky chair by Kristalia is a fine example of a durable lounge desk chair. The contemporary style of this office lounge chair is evident from the dorsal fin segment that helps attach it to the sturdy beech wood base. The sweep of the polyurethane body embraces the back perfectly and the range of available colours is very pleasing to the eye! This works well as a visitor lounge chair too!

Fabiia also offers customised options to fit your choice of office seating options wonderfully!

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