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Booth seating

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Privacy with a compact, space saving design - booth seating is an extremely convenient method of seating your guests or customers. Diner/ Restaurant booth seating arrangements are quite common, but we bet you didn’t know that dining booths could even be utilized in an office canteen!

Booth seating is technically an enclosed space where much privacy is afforded to the people housed within. With high panel or high backed seats, booth chairs also serve as semi-walls to prohibit outsider viewing and to maintain the intimacy within the setting. Amidst these booth chairs, the booth table has a specialised slender design, to be housed between the two seats. Usually smaller in design than regular restaurant tables, the booth table is an essential part of the booth furniture set-up.

Restaurant booths are frequently used in diner set-ups. Commonly a streamlined structure, the diner is an American fast food joint present all over the States - commonly open 24/7 for a quick bite on the go. The booth table and seat structure is an iconic feature of the quintessential diner. It isn’t uncommon for many restaurants to keep an option of regular tables alongside restaurant booth seating for more private parties.

A completely innovative seat option, use the dining booth in your office canteen to allow your employees a peaceful, intimate setting to converse casually with colleagues or even hold an unofficial meeting within! These booth chairs and tables are also preferred for their compact design – being an enclosed box like set up, all the pieces neatly fit into a tiny area. They are quite unlike regular canteen or cafe furniture where patrons have to weave their way through the sea of chairs and tables scattered all over the place.

If you are ever in need of restaurant booth seating or booth furniture, get in touch with us and we will help you pick the ideal option for your interiors!