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Modo Luce is a young lighting design brand from Italy and within a short span of existenceit has carved out an enviable place for itself in the architectural lighting scene. Modo Luce lighting creations have added their glow to diverse spaces, both residential and commercial as well as hospitality sectors. Their creations illumine both interior and outdoor spaces and add colourful vibrancy with their presence. Be it ambient or accent lighting, this contemporary lighting brand succeeds in according a delightful form to light, inspired by flights of fancy and lightness of being. Fabiia has made available the most desired pieces of lighting fixtures from Modo Luce’s collection.

To showcase a place ‘in its best light’ is the mission of Modo Luce. Innovative materials are crafted with precision and innate design sense to make lighting solutions that are elegant and appealing. Lighting as a form of relaxation and inspiration also defines Modo Luce’s design sentiment. Interiors are outdoor spaces come alive with mood lighting from this modern lighting company. Imagination powered by high quality design skills leads to wondrous Modo Luce lighting fixtures. Fabric, metal, glass and other materials are used in creating these lighting designs. The Florinda Pendant lamp for instance forms a circle of six lampshades in pleated fabric and overwhelms you with its aura and glow. The Eva Pendant lamp on the other hand adds a touch of sophistication with its minimalist form cast in ceramic. The slender drum like structure in fabric encased plexiglass base of the Discovolante Pendant light allows for a greater diffusion of light. It’s a great luminaire for outdoor settings.

The uniqueness of Italian finesse finds expression each of Modo Luce’s handcrafted pieces. The AtolloPouf Outdoor lamp is a brilliant instance of design powered innovation where a circular lighting fixture doubles up as a seating option! A garden party can come alive with these twin functioned creations. Ina sharp contrast the Aura table lamp oozes sophisticated elegance with its classic fabric shade over a concrete base. With the Campanone Outdoor floor lamp, we are transported to a fairy tale world in its glowing orb of light. It also comes in pendant versions and is customisable in terms of colours. A Lucilla Table lamp on your bedstand will transform the ambience with its quintessentially traditional form. The Reverse pendant light is a versatile light fixture and can be fitted to suit your specifications.

Smart and effective lighting with an innate ability to illumine any space with elegance has been Modo Luce’s driving force. The Deja Vu Wall lamp celebrates linear symmetry with its sleek angular form in stylish demeanour. You can choose its direction of light as well. The Bolla Pendant encompasses a shade within a shade giving off a futuristic vibe. The Coco Pendant plays with unusual forms in fabric while the ABC pendant intoxicates with its wine glass inspired look!

Contemporary and edgy, flighty and fanciful, elegance and versatile, magical and real, all these and much more define Modo Luce lighting!

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