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“Everything we create redesigns your definition of art’- a bold statement indeed from the luxury design house from Portugal, Luxxu but what’s awe-inspiring is that they live up to this philosophy in style! A luxury brand that redefines modern living and design, Luxxu is an established name in the field of eclectic products including architectural lighting and has recently made their foray into furniture as well. Luxxu defines their lighting as classic with a modern twist. Luxxu creations incorporate the essence of classic style and blend it evocatively with modern chic and the result is one of timeless appeal. Handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen in Portugal, each Luxxu piece is accorded the same attention to detail and honed to perfection so that it stands out as an unparalleled piece of luxury decor. Do take a look at the opulent collection of Luxxu lighting that Fabiia has sourced and you’ll be inspired to own the chandelier light, pendant light and even the wall lamp!

The design ethos at Luxxu seeks to create spaces that speak the language of aesthetic excellence. Envisioning future trends, the brand has fashioned luxury decor items that are a blend of classic elegance and contemporary forms. Myriad materials are crafted and customised to perfection to make Luxxu products. A glance at the Trum Chandelier light confirms the exquisite handiwork and quality of the brand. Numerous crystals attached to a gold platform trickle down to form this inverted pyramid of radiance. You can opt for the wall lamp edition for a toned down look. A melange of gold leaves and butterflies embedded with Swarovski crystals and gold chains forms the quirky McQueen wall lamp. The Empire Wall lamp draws its inspiration from the structure of the majestic Empire State building. Place this breathtaking glory of gold and brass and bring radiance to your walls.

Quality and innovation in the world of luxury design forms the mission statement of Luxxu. The exclusive designs are fashioned out of noble metals like gold, brass, nickel, copper and a variety of alloys to give the lighting pieces an opulent look. The embellishments are made from crystal glass, Swarovski crystals, marble, textiles and other materials. All come together in unison to make the world of Luxxu a connoisseur’s delight. The Burj series reflects the opulence of the Arab royalty embodied in the architectural marvel of the Burj Al Arab. Gold tipped bunches of glass pipes fall gracefully to create this awesome patterned light. Let this chandelier light in your living room speak of your love for the fine things in life! And we suggest you bring in the Waterfall Round chandelier light and revel in the glow of its misty waterfall like appearance. And may we request you to try the Draycott Pendant light, a dreamy creation of swirling brass and gold, that’s bound to bathe you with its splendour?!

All the products of Luxxu go through strict quality control and exacting scrutiny to make each piece a unique symbol of elegant luxury and functionality. Take home a creation!

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