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Gubi is that bridge which facilitates an effortless transition from tradition to contemporary, while keeping the sentiments of both intact. A lighting and furniture design company from Denmark, Gubi has an eventful history dating back more than fifty years. Started by Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen in 1967, this Danish design brand has an intercontinental presence with a vision that straddles moments in time, capturing the essence of each era. A confluence of design outlooks from the past merging into the present with an eye for the future sums up Gubi’s creative passion. Starting off with traditionally crafted furniture Gubi has refashioned itself with each passing trend and moved with the times. The brand extensively collaborates both with acclaimed designers and new talent to come up with high quality furniture. Innovation and tradition go hand in hand at Gubi’s resulting in bold original shapes and forms for their furniture line and lighting solutions. The brand has made a name in the realm of original designs so much so that a Gubi creation is instantly identifiable with its trademark designs. Fabiia has a collaborative association with Gubi and shares their passion for original designs in furniture and lighting.

In the recent years, Gubi has relaunched designs from Danish history with a fresh perspective. The brand has also been at the forefront of using innovative moulding techniques using 3D veneer. The design brand produces a plethora of furniture and lighting solutions, ones that easily transform the contemporary design landscape. Gubi products have graced diverse spaces including homes, hotels, restaurants and offices across countries. The famous Gubi Beetle collection featuring the lounge and the dining chair is a clever interpretation of the shell structure of the beetle. Decoding the body form of the insect, Gubi has managed to translate it into a comfortable yet dynamic chair that is equally suited for both homes and offices. The multiple variations offered in terms of materials and seating options makes this chair a great choice for home offices as well. O yes, there’s sofa, table and stool as well in this design category. In keeping with modern needs, there’s an un-upholstered version in polypropylene plastic, enhancing its durability.

The passionate interweaving of the past and the present in their design sentiment accords Gubi creations the romance of storytelling, one that is narrated fluidly through their signature pieces. The Pacha chair, an original design going back decades, makes a marvellous style statement with its sensuous round curves, plush seats and an unconventional round base that has both swivel and non swivel options. It brings character to any interior and attracts with its whimsical yet functional design. The Bat Dining chair, with its interesting referencing of a bat’s wingspan, is a versatile seating option given its roomy seating space and neat simple structure. Ideal for public spaces and commercial areas, the upholstered versions can work great as lounge chairs. Lighting from Gubi follows the same design ethos of recreating timeless design to suit contemporary tastes.

All in all, Gubi creations inspire and enrich interiors with their very presence.

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