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A luminous presence in the contemporary lighting manufacturing scene, Estiluz has had a rich and eventful history since 1969. Founded in Spain by Gerard Masdeu Jorda, a metallurgical artist, the company has produced high end lighting which is an amalgamation of artistic talent and technological innovation. Over the decades Estiluz has spread its base to various countries backed by its solid foundation and mastery of craft. Backed by solid foundational principles, Estiluz has incorporated the spirit of the new along with the old thus giving shape to a design ethos that is timeless. Estiluz ‘s lighting solutions display a robustness of character, durability and solid finish, all backed by the family spirit that runs through its founding values. Engaging with talented designers from all over, Estiluz‘s lighting celebrates handmade craftsmanship through its exquisite lighting applications that grace multiple spaces across countries. Their custom made lights illumine a wide range of hotels, restaurants, commercial areas and private homes with perfect lighting. Fabiia is happy to be a part of the Estiluz network.

An abiding fascination with various shapes and materials and a strong preference for handmade excellence have made Estiluz lighting cherished pieces of illumination luxury. Estiluz lighting designs display strong modernity and fierce originality but with a splash of youthfulness and joyful spirit. Consisting of table lamps, wall lamps, floor lights, ceiling lights, outdoor lamps and various other lighting accessories, The Estiluz range is the perfect selection for contemporary interiors. Roundness of shapes and soft fluidity are prominent features that identify Estiluz lighting. Many iconic fixtures are identified because of their trademark Estiluz design elements.

Each collection is defined by a unique characteristic, an identifying emotion. The Circ collection , consisting of floor and table lamps stands out with its use of translucent globes of opal glass or plastic polyethylene over sleek metal frames. These luminaires can add a touch of dreaminess to the spaces they adorn. The Alfi pendant light mimics the shape of pins, with the lamps imitating the pinheads. A merry collective makes up this light. The Asana floor lamp is inspired by the world of yoga, with its multifunctional and highly adaptable arms. The Flow is a pendant light in a tubular structure with a delightful disruption in its structure. This is a simple yet versatile lighting fixture suitable for just about any room. The Miane suspension lamps are fitted with acrylic diffusers and their professional demeanour can make them apt applications for both private and public spaces. Button features a track light system with adjustable positional lights. In a fond recall to childhood, Etiluz has created the Balloon suspension light whose form of translucent satinated polyethylene illuminates with joyful exuberance. In another stroke of mastery, the Mikonos wall lamp resembles the bright white light effect of the Greek islands. The Iris range will mesmerise with its satin finished glass diffuser and textile shade emanating light from above and below.

The Estiluz range of modern lighting designs is elegant, timeless and functional and captures the contemporary outlook with sparkling finesse.

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